CHSA Mark: Beat The Cheats & Buy With Confidence

Source: CHSA Mark: Beat The Cheats & Buy With Confidence


CHSA Mark: Beat The Cheats & Buy With Confidence


When sourcing cleaning & hygiene materials there is nothing more annoying than receiving inferior items that are poorly made and do not reach expectations that the image suggested.

Soft tissue products such a paper towels being sold in unmarked and inaccurately labelled packs hiding undersized, loosely bound rolls which short change customers. Plastic refuse sacks with weak spots that give way easily. The recent boom of on line retail into the commercial sector has seen a growth of ‘value’ items that appear to look and read the same but in reality are very poor.

Look for the CHSA logo on all items such as cotton mops, refuse sacks and paper tissue when buying to be sure you receive a product from a manufacturer committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. These products will be the length, strength or size stated.

For more information on the work of the CHSA  see and to buy approved products see our website 


A Hidden Green Benefit Of The Interweb?

I was just thinking this morning during a discussion that when I was a kid the growth in cars per family was of great concern to us all. We imagined an England clogged with cars, much like many of our small towns and city’s now. But if we didn’t have eBay and amazon on our phones to just click and buy how many more short journeys would need to be made?

Instead of just popping to B&Q or Staples I tend to go on my phone to my eBay app for small purchases such as stationary & electrical items. By collecting all the orders into the postman’s van and then running around dropping off these small packages, I am sure the carbon offset is massive compared to us all making small car rides to collect.

So whatever the scientists say is the carbon footprint of the internet, I believe in reality the offset for group ordering and distribution from single vehicles is far more greener?

Stay True To Your Beliefs, No Matter What

An inferiority complex and an insatiable appetite for information on what a competitor is doing is the quickest way to kill creativity.

You’ve seen the 99p store as the antidote to Poundland. Then came the 98p shop. I might save the pain and cut to the penny bizarre, but that may have been done once?

If you have a vision for what you want to look like and who you want to buy from you, write it down and stick to it. Don’t make snap decisions based on one bad day, you’re in it for the duration.

Sure you’ll have critics and doubters. People will throw their own negative fears at you. You don’t need to defend your plan. Some will never understand but you can show them one day when your plan evolves.

If your vision starts to fade or you feel anxious about the great plan or perhaps feel it needs tweaks, take the morning off. Go to a place that nobody knows you then sit and dream. It will all be a lot clearer and ideas will flood back ready to bolster the plan.

Good luck and if you need any help don’t call me, buy a biog of a successful person or one of the excellent publications on the subject to get the creativity flowing.

Earth Friendly Takeaway Food To Go Packaging That Works


Having distributed and advised on compostable food packaging since its inception some years ago, I have witnessed some disasters due to the lack of quality performance from such new technology. This includes a hot cup whose lining was dissolving into the coffee and degradable packaging that did just that in the store room to leave a pile of flakes in the bottom of the case when opened.

Thankfully the manufacturers and importers seem to have learned to their cost and the market is now full with interesting and great looking packaging. Here’s my top 5 products that have stood the test of time and prove to be best sellers for the food to go, festival and retail clients:

1) Vegware’s double walled hot cup & sip through lid a great looking robust product with a clear image and message print. Insulates well, the lid was the first plastic feel compostable type of its type.

2) Bamboo Cutlery some people do not like the feel but as a cost effective feeding solution the wooden cutlery seems still to be very popular.

3) London Bio Packagings Sustain Wooden Stirrers  a very ethical product, well packaged and certified to perform safely, one of our biggest on-line sellers still to stir the hot drinks and soups.

4) Bagasse Food Boxes – now a serious contender as the natural first choice for takeaway meals, burger & chip boxes and plates the boars material looks great, insulates well and breaks down freely.

5) BioBox – a grease resistant kraft brown, white or black container with a slide hinge lock lid. Made from thin board it breaks down, stacks well and looks great with a brand label on.

You have to accept that economy scales mean these products are made many air miles away but balanced with the alternatives they are the best option currently.

For more great ideas and free advice on being totally green this season contact us on 01392 824868.

Reap What You Sow

‘You only reap what you sow’
‘What goes around comes around’
‘The harder I work the luckier I get’
‘For every action there’s an equal & opposite reaction’

You have heard all of these, but for me they only started making sense as I got older and wiser.

If I lead a good honest life and always stay true to myself and what I believe is right then the ‘good will out’. If I do something I know is wrong then it does not sit well conciously and ultimately it comes back to bite me in some form.

In business I think ‘what would I expect if I was the customer’ & at home I go with my gut feeling and my heart.

Although it may need strength in some cases to stick to your beliefs in the face of unreasonable behaviour, ultimately you will feel better in yourself. If you go against your better judgement to please others you will make yourself unhappy and this leads to complications and further issues.

Some people will ‘try it on’ or ‘test your metal’ they may even tell white lies to achieve a financial or physcological gain. Take a balanced view but if you know something feels wrong, it probably is, so at that point it’s your call!